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Do you spend a lot of time managing your YouTube channel, preparing videos for search, and reaching out to your channel subscribers? If so, you will need to check.

In this article, I will take a look at all the features of TubeBuddy. I will also cover the pros and cons identified by current users.

TubeBuddy is a built-in Chrome extension and most importantly to save your video marketing efforts. It does so with quantitative processing skills and production features. Apart from that, TubeBuddy also assists with SEO video and provides advanced analytics. A complete tool that serves as a one-stop shop for all your YouTube marketing needs. And it stays right there inside your Chrome browser. You don’t even need to leave YouTube to use it.

It’s Really a YouTube Extension

As I mentioned in the introduction, TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension. In fact, however, it is an extension. If you visit the Creative Studio with TubeBuddy, you’ll see downloads, shortcuts, and advanced analytics tools you’ve never seen before. Those are your new things. Simplify your life and enable you to increase the visibility of your videos in search. Let’s take a look at what TubeBuddy offers your business.

TubeBuddy Update: Advanced Video Embedding

By default, YouTube offers limited options for embedding videos and playlists. TubeBuddy expands those options with an advanced embedding feature. Use it to:

  • Customize the look and feel of your embedded videos
  • Force closed captioning
  • Disable play controls
  • Loop videos
  • Enable JavaScript API

Bonus: you won’t have to go to the video watch page to get the embed code.


Canned Answers

Do you find yourself writing the same response over and over on YouTube? If so, then you will love TubeBuddy’s canned response feature. Use it to provide quick responses to YouTube comments. It helps a lot when people ask you the same question over and over again. TubeBuddy lets you add a personal touch to your canned responses. For example, you can use shortcodes to enter the name of the person you are responding to in comments.

TubeBuddy Update: Card Templates

If you are a YouTube veteran, you already know about cards. They are action-packed ways to embed directly into your YouTube videos. Sometimes, you may find yourself creating the same set of cards in every new upload. That’s a production killer. Fortunately, TubeBuddy saves time with card templates. Here’s how it works: when making video cards, TubeBuddy lets you save them as a card template. Then, if you upload another video later, you can add that card template to the background processing. Bingo. Everything looks the same between videos and saves for a while.

TubeBuddy Update: Comment Filter

Having trouble keeping all the comments in your videos because you get too much? If so, that’s a good problem. Still, it is a problem. TubeBuddy offers a comment filter feature that enables you to quickly find the types of comments you want. With a few clicks, you can find:

  • Comments you have not responded to
  • Comments with feedback are disabled
  • Comments contain profanity
  • Comments contain questions
  • The comment feels good
  • The comment is negative

As well as various other options. The comment filter saves real time if you want to engage with certain types of commenters.

TubeBuddy Updates: Various Automatic Upload Profiles

YouTube lets you create an automatic upload profile. You can use it to insert tags first, title, category, and other features of the new video. The problem is, YouTube offers one (1) automatic upload profile. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a lot of profiles for different types of videos? You can have it with TubeBuddy.

Emoji Keyboard

How would you like to make your video titles stand out with emoji? TubeBuddy makes that easy with an emoji scanner. Just click the emoji icon next to the title field and select the emoji you want to add. Feel free to add more emoji to make your theme stand out.

TubeBuddy Update: Final Screen Templates

End screen templates act as card templates without (obviously) end screens. If you find that you are going through the same steps over and over again when you add ending screens to your videos, edit that process with TubeBuddy’s end screen templates.

Notice of notification

Long ago, YouTube allowed you to respond to comments from the notification drop-down bar. Gone are the days. Unless you own TubeBuddy. Just install the Chrome extension, sign up for the service, and you’ll see “Reply” below the comment notifications. TubeBuddy will also show you a word cloud that highlights the most popular words and phrases used in comments.

Playlist actions

How would you like to order playlists based on watch time, acquired subscribers, or engagement? TubeBuddy makes that happen. Additionally, this tool gives you the ability to customize your playlists alphabetically or randomly.

TubeBuddy Review: Post on Facebook

TubeBuddy allows you to simultaneously publish videos on YouTube and Facebook. That is important because, as you may have noticed, when you share YouTube videos on Facebook, all you have to do is share the return link to YouTube. Facebook does not play YouTube videos traditionally. But if you use TubeBuddy to publish on Facebook, your video will appear and play on people’s newsfeeds. That will probably produce more engagement than a simple link.

Easy navigation

YouTube pages offer a lot of functionality, but sometimes you just have to click a little to get where you want to go. TubeBuddy makes your life easier with the Quick Links menu. Drag from the top corner, to the right of the Creative Studio. Just click on the drop down and navigate directly to your videos, stats, or other different page.

Set up the quick toolbar

Let’s face it: YouTube does not make it easy to edit multiple videos in a playlist. Normally, you should go back and forth between lists and individual videos while remembering where you left off. TubeBuddy fixes that problem with a quick editing toolbar. Just click on the video you want to edit and make the necessary changes. Instead of backing up, however, TubeBuddy displays a notification toolbar on the right side of the screen. Displays thumbnails of other videos in the same list. Click on one of the thumbnails and start editing the accompanying video. It’s that simple.

TubeBuddy Reviews: Scheduled Publishing and Updates

In some cases, you may want to upload a video but not publish it. TubeBuddy covered you there too. The tool enables you to set a “live date” for your uploaded videos. Use that feature to distribute your content over time. You can also change the video title, tags, description, or thumbnail at a later time with the updated refresh feature. Finally, you can also schedule time for “sunset” videos by changing their privacy settings to private or unlisted.

Icon Generator

Spending a lot of time creating icons in Photoshop? Tired of taking screenshots, pasting them in the photo editor, and changing them to make them look better? TubeBuddy enables you to save and reuse image templates to create a brandy, consistent look throughout your videos.

Upload Checklist

Have you ever uploaded a video and noticed a day later that you forgot to insert information cards? TubeBuddy helps you remember everything you need to do with a checklist. As you enter the basic information for your video, you will see a drop down of the “Upload Checklist” on the right side of the screen. Just click on that to see all your reminders. You can also check each item on the list as you complete it.

TubeBuddy Update: Video Title Editor

Maybe you have trouble coming up with new video ideas. Or maybe you keep forgetting video suggestions from your subscribers. TubeBuddy can fix that problem with its video title editing feature. Here’s how it works: as you browse through the comments, you may see a suggestion for a new video title. If you like this idea, just click the TubeBuddy icon below and select “Add as a suggestion.” Going forward, you’ll see that suggestion in the “Comments Suggestions” tab of the video title editor.

Default Translator

How would you like people around the world to read the titles of your videos in their native languages? TubeBuddy provides an automated translator that assists international SEO. Use it to translate articles, descriptions, and tags in different languages.

TubeBuddy Review: Best Ethics Test

TubeBuddy includes some great book reviews that will help you:

  • Make sure your video is set correctly
  • Notify of broken links in descriptions
  • Remember to add keywords to your titles, tags, and descriptions

Caption service

According to, captions can increase video views by more than 7%. Fortunately, TubeBuddy makes it a point to upload captions via 3PlayMedia. It’s fully integrated so you won’t have to visit a different site. Remember, though: there will be additional charges received.


Suggest Insta

Sometimes when you upload a video, you don’t always add the tag you have to make. That could hurt your access. TubeBuddy will raise real-time tags as you type. Those suggestions will meet the needs of the people.


Keyword tracking

You may already have used your webpage tracking tools on search engine results pages (SERPs). But are you tracking your keyword lists on YouTube? With TubeBuddy, you can do just that. You can also keep track of competitors’ keyword.


TubeBuddy Update: Opportunity Finder

TubeBuddy also provides possible information to help you expand your reach. That will reduce the amount of time you have to research the different promotional opportunities.

Search Explorer

How would you like to find other tail search terms that will help your videos get higher? If so, TubeBuddy covered you with a test feature. You can also use it to find keywords to identify based on volume and competition level.

Search Levels

With the search level feature, TubeBuddy will show you where your video ranks in all its tags. It will also show you which tags do not help your video quality so you can delete them. Finally, TubeBuddy will show you a change in the quality of videos each week. That feature still works, though.

TubeBuddy Update: Tag List

TubeBuddy lets you create an intermediate list of tags you can drag to use later. That will save you time so you don’t need to 1) remember and 2) type tags as you upload a video. You can also say goodbye to your Excel spreadsheets with this feature.

Tag Sorter

Long ago, YouTube removed the power to rearrange your tags. Thankfully, TubeBuddy added it again. Use the tag sorter feature to place your most important tags at the beginning of the list.

Video Testing A / B

Yes, you need to split test videos just as much as you can separate anything else from digital advertising. TubeBuddy simplifies that with a feature that enables you to access A / B test icons, tags, titles, and captions.

Tag Photographer

TubeBuddy makes it a point to copy tags from one video to another. You can even steal tags from your competitors!

TubeBuddy Review: Description suggesting

On YouTube, “internal linking” means linking your videos to other video descriptions. TubeBuddy makes that easy with the descriptive feature of the description. In fact, you can use TubeBuddy to add a video link to many other video definitions. That way, you don’t have to manually enter the same link over and over again.

Featured video promotion

TubeBuddy makes it easy to add featured videos as well. If you are unfamiliar with the featured videos, they are related in-screen links.

Bulk Processing Tools

TubeBuddy enhances your product with many bulk processing features:

  • Multiple copy cards – give a consistent card view to all videos with minimal effort.
  • Bulk copy end screen – copies of end screen items so you don’t have to add them directly to each video.
  • Remove multiple cards – eliminate all or some of your cards with a few clicks.
  • Remove end screen screens – perform the process of removing end screens.
  • Bulk editing – finds, replaces, adds, or deletes text with titles and descriptions throughout your channel.
  • Multiple thumbnail overlap – can add overlay to some or all of your video thumbnails.
  • Bulk update cards – do the card update process
  • Lots of end-to-end screens updates – automates the process of updating end screens
  • Bulk playlist – updates privacy, filtering, and ordering in multiple playlists
  • Duplicate demonstration test – finds demon-made videos on your channel

TubeBuddy Review: Its pros and cons

There is no perfect tool. TubeBuddy is not that rule. While TubeBuddy offers a variety of features that will delight all video retailers, it also has some limitations. Here are the pros and cons of the tool, as it relates to users near cyberpace.

First, the benefits:

  • A complete tool with a rich feature set
  • Easy to use, limited reading curve
  • Allows you to spy on competitors
  • Free option with many features
  • Fair price

Now, cons:

  • Works only on one channel (you must purchase a different subscription for another channel)
  • Advanced features (such as bulk editing) are not available in most programs
  • Customer service is lacking
  • No Android app available

Wrap it up

Just do it. When it comes to YouTube marketing, TubeBuddy is almost as important. It will save you time, increase your access, and increase your bottom line. Even if you haven’t been sold yet, start with a free service. You will have limited options, but you will see what TubeBuddy can do for your business without spending a single dime.


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